Saturday, July 9, 2011

First Photograph...Late Bloomer, A Saturday Photo-Journal

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This is the first photograph I took with my brand new camera...

There's a reason why I wanted my inaugural picture to be of this pot of African Violets. 

This plant has been on our living room end table, next to the picture window, for two years.  In all of that time, no flowers ever bloomed.  We watered its light-green leaves faithfully, and kept it in a spot with lots of light and a comfortable temperature.  And then, several weeks ago, we noticed buds.

Soon, the plant was covered with luminous light-purple-and-white flowers with tiny yellow centers.  They continue to bud and bloom still.

If you click on it to enlarge it, the delicate detail of the purple blossoms is more beautifully pronounced. I took care to compose the image, without moving the plant from its usual location, so that nothing around it would distract from it.

It was cause for some small celebration to see this pot in full bloom after a long nurturing.  I  hope that my budding re-discovery of love for taking photographs, which has been long-dormant, will soon blossom, and make people want to look and respond to whatever beauty unfolds.

From one late bloomer to another....


  1. My favorite flowers from my mother's collection of potted plants over the years: the African violets. So beautiful when in bloom!

  2. They are lovely, Walter. I'm glad my post gave you a pleasant memory.... Thanks for checking in!