Friday, May 27, 2011

A Dog Comes Home, On Broken Legs

Here's a story  about a remarkable "dog rescue" in Time Magazine that I will want to remember, and come back to.

Near tornado-ravaged Birmingham, Alabama, a family's pet terrier was hiding in the garage when the storm badly damaged their home, and carried the dog away.  The heartbroken family considered little Mason lost forever.

But Mason was not gone.  The tornado finally deposited him on the ground, and as he landed he broke both of his front paws. In pain and limping badly, but propelled by his need to get home to his familiar surroundings and his family, Mason found his way home. He crawled through the wreckage, and weeks later, his family found him waiting on the front porch.

Vulcan Park Veterinary Clinic in Birmingham took the dog in while the family worked to piece together what was left of their home and their lives.  There, Mason received metal plates in his forelegs, and after six weeks of recovery, will be ready to join his family once again.

A few days ago I posted a story about search-and-rescue dogs who arrived in Joplin (and other disaster-ridden areas) to find those still missing in the devastation.   I am now happy to preserve this tale (pun may be intended) of another dog who rescued himself and in the process saved his family from years of regret and mourning.

Enjoy this great video, which I see as a tribute to all of the scrappy and loyal dogs out there...and as an anecdote to life's recent travails.  Life can't be all bad with dogs around.


  1. That's an amazing story that really underlines the unique bond between man and his best friend. Thanks for finding it for us.

  2. Ben, I really appreciate your recognition of this story which gripped my heart right from the beginning. Thank you for checking in and for your constant support.