Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blogger Went Down; And I Rediscovered my Writer's Addiction

I will have to explore my writer's addiction.   I discovered it the first time as a youngster, writing movie reviews in a notebook , when one of my teachers offered to read it, and then lost it; and I re-discovered the strange anxiety again this week when I was unable to post on this blog.

For the last two days, the server that hosts the Blogger site was down due to a malfunction of an update. So it was impossible to post, to comment on other sites, to reply to my own comments. Worse yet, out posts from May 11 had all disappeared, along with comments written to us and those we left for others.

Losing my work with no certainty that it would ever return brought  back that utter disappointment from my High School days....  Fortunately, my piece on Kate Hepburn came back (see below), but the comments I had received earlier, from Eric and Ben, are gone for good.....

When I was not able to write on the blog, I felt something like a physical irrational fear that I might disappear...  an itch to connect with my readers, known and unknown, and go up to my elbows in words....

Fortunately I was able to take comfort in free-hand writing in a notebook, which I still do for my fiction, and other pieces....But the blog format, with it's immediate connection and feedback, and the satisfaction of publishing it and offering my best effort, and editing to near-perfection, has turned into a craving.

Anyone else feel something like this?

Coming up: a train wreck; a new play review; the HBO film "Temple Grandin"; and more about dogs....


  1. I had a strange feeling of panic too. Luckily I get all my messages e-mailed to me so I had copies, but I did lose my previews of the weekends releases and had to type it out again.

    It's good to hear I wasn't the only one in a mess that day.

  2. I was panicky, for sure. I got waaaaay behind in my 1974 Oscar posts, and was planning to catch up when DOWN it went. Oy. This is my outlet for writing right now! If blogger's not here....what will I do???

  3. What a relief to be in the fine company of two marvelous writers...thanks for the encouragement!

    There must be a new format we can retreat to...maybe a wiki-like forum where guys like us can come together and share work, and in turn share it with the world...

    Keep on writing, both of you, no matter what you have to do....