Monday, November 1, 2010

Vacancy--For Squirrels: A Monday Journal

In a maple tree in the front yard, there is a knot-hole in the trunk about eight feet off the ground.  A couple of weeks ago, a family of squirrels resided there.

I saw a little whiskered snout and beady eyes poking from the hole one morning, and when she saw me, she quickly retreated. A few days later, as I looked out of the front window, I saw this squirrel run up the tree trunk, and disappear into the hole.

Soon I noticed this same squirrel running along the ground with something odd clinging to her underside.  It turned out to be a baby squirrel.  Soon she ran with her special cargo up the tree trunk and into their little home.

I would leave small snacks of peanuts and cereal at the base of the tree, and every day all of it would be completely gone.

Last week, I saw four squirrels...mother and three small ones... chasing each other around and around the tree trunk.  Soon, they ran down to the lawn and scattered in several directions.  I never saw them after that.

Since then, the hole in our tree has been empty. 

I wish I could tell these amusing little critters that they will always have a home in our front yard.  Maybe, in the spring, I'll discover another furry brood has leased the space.

If you see a family of squirrels in need of a safe warm home this winter, please send them my way....


  1. Sweet! Love the story, Tom, and your devotion to animals.

  2. I'm guessing Squirrels aren't considered vermin over in the US?

    Here in the UK the Grey Squirrel, which was imported from America, has pretty much wiped out the native Red Squirrels due to it's agressive nature. Like a rat with good PR.