Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Night: We Get What We Deserve--A Tuesday Journal

It's Decision Night, midterm elections, and a blessed end to the barrage of campaign ads which are an insult to anyone of average intelligence; and so they seem to appeal to a lot of American voters, I fear.  If the ads didn't work, they wouldn't run.

About 4 billion dollars have been spent on campaign ads.  How many people could have received a full year of health insurance for that amount?  How many people could have been put to work on infrastructure projects?

Republicans are poised to gain many seats in the House of Representatives.   It makes me sick to hear Republicans smugly proclaim their party as the party of fiscal responsibility.  In places like Indiana, where alarming numbers of jobs have been lost, voters are giving power to the very people who were responsible for the loss of those jobs.

Do we remember nothing?

Tax cuts?  On the wealthiest Americans?  These tax breaks have already been in place, and during that time, millions of jobs have been lost.  Why does anyone believe that by preserving these tax cuts, that jobs will suddenly be created?

But that is what Americans of short attention spans seem to want to believe.

If the House goes to the Republicans, it will be telling to see what, if anything, they accomplish.  Democrats need to keep the message front and center about just how regressive Republican platforms are. Big business will get bigger, they will ignore the average worker, and Democrats have to be nasty about holding Republicans responsible.

Especially if Democrats want any chance to regain the Presidency and Congress in 2012.

I fear that Americans in most need of help: the elderly, the sick, the unemployed who want to work, even the animals who depend on us to eradicate cruelty and preserve our environment, will be casually stepped on.

Tonight I am embarrassed to be considered an American.

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