Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Shelter Update-- Wednesday Journal

For those of you who kindly followed my Buddy Foundation Shelter Stories, I have an update: Oliver, the sweet beagle puppy who I fell in love with, found a home, fortunately.

Sadly, it was not with me.

I was giving serious thought to asking the shelter to hold him for a week, and a friend at my office told me she would gladly take Oliver to her house for the week, if I adopted him before my trip to San Francisco.

As I expected, Oliver's sweet nature and adorable face appealed to a kind soul who took the little guy home right away.

We have more travel to do, Mark and I.  Our San Francisco trip has given us the motivation to seek a new home in the friendlier and more open surroundings of the North Side of the city, or even to a coastal town. 

Either way, we are getting closer to the inevitable moment when a dog grabs our hearts playfully in her teeth and defies us to chase her to retrieve them...!


  1. All I have to do is look at this cute beagle and the smiles break out all over my face! I'm glad that little Oliver got a second chance with a new owner. I'm sure they are both feeling very lucky indeed. I think I would be sad to see him go too if I were you, Tom, and probably wouldn't have hesitated to take him home, but I understand your motivation for not doing that. When you and Mark are ready there will undoubtedly be another four-footed friend to take Oliver's place. Awesome post, my friend.

  2. Tom,
    It's a very delicate situation, and Mark and I are personally torn. I appreciate your understanding. I think you are right on in your prediction that we will soon welcome a new animal (or two?) into our home.
    I would love to see a new piece from you (with pictures?) about the current antics of your special canine companions. While you're at it, perhaps some grandfatherly anecdotes!
    Nice to see you Tom!