Wednesday, September 8, 2010


"Reinvention..." has reached a milestone...a One-year Anniversary. 

On September 7, 2009, I wrote and published my very first post.  It was, in fact, Labor Day one year ago.  I wrote about a little amusement park in the Chicago area that was closing. 

I looked back at this significant place from my childhood, and from there, sought to explore the future while understanding what had gone before.

And this journal was born.

Not a day has passed in the past year when I have not thought about, agonized and labored over, or pondered what has transpired here.  To some, the process of a blog is simply an everyday activity.  To me, it is a legacy, an exercise, a way to reach out, a quest for understanding.  I know that words can change lives, and in turn change worlds.  I hope that my readers have enjoyed, learned, questioned, and were encouraged by what they found here.

Have I succeeded in "reinventing" myself?  Better yet, have I finally defined that term?  What has it been about my love of dogs, passion for movies, quest for new books, and search for meaning in a chaotic world, that has made me a different person from a year before?  

Mostly, it has been the process, the thinking, and the inspiration to see my personal loves and activities through a lens with which I have attempted to record my point of view, and put it out there in hopes that others will see the world as I see it.

Have you gained a new perspective? Shaken your head in disbelief?  Rallied to my cause?  Struggled along with me in my confusion?  Did the fog lift sometimes for your own clarity?

I followed my heart,, and mind, and interests....Sometimes I let the world dictate the topic.  Mostly, it was a need to resolve something, or share a laugh, or display my pride and expertise in a distinct world of film in hopes that someone else would be as excited as I was.  Or maybe it was a need to seek or to provide comfort, or cry, as dog stories usually require.

Anyway, I thank all of you for reading, and for becoming a friend to me. 

I am putting the blog away for a very brief time, in search of new adventures, to explore a new area, and to fill the pipeline for Year Two of shared stories, Movie Reviews, and shelter antics.  Will I put my Italian to practical use?  Will I finally adopt a dog?  What will I think of the latest films?  Why are some old favorites still so important to me?  Will Oscar be golden? Will I finally write the Great American Short Story?  Will I leave behind a Classic Novel?  Will I one day accept a Screenplay Oscar of my own? 

Be well....keep reading...and writing.....I look forward to getting back, in a week, or so.

If we stop reinventing ourselves, we stop living.  Hope you'll join me in the effort!



  1. Pop the champagne! Congratulations on a year of reinvention, Tom! Looking forward to another spent in the company of you, your canine companions, and your wonderful words!

  2. Congrats Tom!

    We both joined blogger about the same time, but you have made the best use of it in the last year. You succeeded in posting many dozens of excellent movie reviews, brilliant opinion pieces, personal anecdotes, and so many other wonderful articles.

    It has been a real pleasure joining you on this journey of reinvention, and I have to say it has given me a lot of insight on what good writing is all about and the commitment it takes to be a great writer - like you!

    I look forward to hopefully reading more of your thoughtful articles, endearing personal stories and fascinating perspectives on music, movies and theater (and everything else!) for many more years to come! Well done, Tom!

  3. Walter...I'm happy to share my love of "Nashville" with such a great writer and champion of movies. Looking forward to your upcoming reviews, and casting calls...

    Tom...You were my first comment here....I don't know if I would have kept going if it had not been for your support. You have taken your blog into an interesting fictional realm, and I think you are on your way to good things. Thank you.

    On my way to San Francisco for a few days. I'll catch up with you next week!

  4. Congratulations Tom, on reaching a major milestone on your journal.

    It's always a great pleasure to take a look at your writing and I look forward to continue reading for many years to come.