Friday, August 6, 2010

Movies That make Me Cry...Inspired by Andrew at "Encore's World of Film.."

I follow some interesting and wonderful blogs that I am happy to showcase here.  One that captured my attention in a big way was a 30-day Movie Meme offered by Andrew at Encore's World of Film and Television. 

Topic #6 is Movies That Always Make You Cry.

As someone who gives himself freely and unashamedly to my emotions watching movies, this post is irresistable..

So before I plunge in to other topics that are crying out for me to discuss, I will take a little side trip of the heart,  and copy my own list of tear-jerkers, which also appears in the Comment (Walking in the Park) section of Andrew's post.

I liked Andrew's choices, especially THE HOURS, which has special resonance. 
Lots of movies make me cry. The biggest tear-wringers are these:

THE YEARLING (1946)..tearing up now just thinking about it! A boy loses his pet fawn, and childhood ends.

THE RED BALLOON (1956) Yes, a 30-minute children's film with no dialog, but the final image packs a wallop..

BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S (1961) Two people in love and a nameless cat in the rain, and "Moon River"...

SOPHIE'S CHOICE (1982)..We can't help but grieve for this woman...

HARRY AND TONTO (1974)...A lovely meditation on one's final years, and the bonds between man and animal.

A ROOM WITH A VIEW (1986)..Tears of nostalgia and joy!

BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN (2005)..This most of own heart exposed on the astonishing portrait of helpless regret.

Better stop here....before I start to wallow....  


  1. The book ending in A Room With a View makes me sad. Thank god for Merchant Ivory being idealistic.

  2. As a guy who wells up to a nicely put together advert I applaud your choices.

    To me though when I think of crying at movies my first thought will always be the Marseilles in Casablanca - tears of defiance and joy every time.

  3. Just hearing the first notes of "Moon River" are enough to make me sob. And runs - with you on Casablanca. I tear up just talking about it with people.