Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shelter Dogs---More About The Buddy Foundation: Tuesday Journal #1

It has been a while since I shared anecdotes from my Tuesday nights feeding and caring for the homeless dogs at the Buddy Foundation.  Check out their page on Facebook...one of the better sites, with great information about the facility, and the dogs and cats looking for forever-homes.

Tonight, it was raining hard, and I decided that since I would not walk my own dog in the pouring rain, neither would I walk these critters in a downpour.

But they all had to be fed, and I coordinated the effort, with some helpers.  Because our volunteer roster is growing,  we had a nice group assisting with tonights' tasks, from feeding, to cleaning up, to maintaining the shelter facility.

That gave me a chance to do what I love to do most...spend some play-time and love-time with some of the needier dogs, most of which are my favorites.

You may recall my speaking about Duchess on these pages....the black Pit Bull who came in abused, with a cut-off tail and a haunted look in her eyes.  She is doing much better, and should soon appeal to a dog-lover who wants a sweet and loving companion.  Tonight, I stroked her head, ears, and back while she lay curled on a blanket, chewing a toy she brought over especially for me.  One ear stuck straight out in a comical lopsided expression.  Her tail, so injured a couple months ago, waved contentedly, and she showed her love by licking my face.

I almost brought her home tonight myself.

Enjoy this brief video clip I found on the Facebook Page, shot recently, to introduce you to this wonderful facility in Arlington Heights, Illinois.  If you live nearby, and especially if you are ready to take in a creature of your own, please visit us!

The Buddy Foundation. from Steve...M on Vimeo.

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