Monday, June 7, 2010

Another First Step--Monday Follow-up

(BLOGGER was out of service since last's my Sunday post, a day late...hope to write more after class.  Good to be back!)

As a follow-up to my post from last evening (Saturday June 5, immediately below) I requested to be placed on a list to receive the e-newsletter for Mercy for Animals.  This is a small first step. A little regular reading is in order.  Inspiration, involvement, and power will follow.

Here's a copy of the email just received: 

Dear Friend,

Thank you for signing up to receive Mercy For Animals' monthly e-newsletter, The Voice. You have taken the first step in showing your commitment to helping prevent needless animal cruelty and build a society where all animals are treated with respect and compassion.

Now that you have joined our online community of dedicated animal activists, please consider becoming a voice for the billions of animals suffering in factory farms and slaughterhouses by becoming an official member of MFA today.

For a donation of just $15 or more, you will become an official MFA member - giving you access to exclusive MFA events, news and upcoming projects. You'll also receive a subscription to Compassionate Living, MFA's semi-annual magazine, along with a complete membership packet.

To help protect farmed animals even more, and receive additional exclusive membership benefits, consider becoming a Monthly MFA Donor by clicking here.

Again, thank you for your kindhearted commitment toward helping save innocent lives from needless suffering and cruelty.


Nathan Runkle

Executive Director

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