Monday, February 22, 2010

A Shelter Happy Ending--So Why Am I So Sad?--Monday Journal

Those who have followed me here for the last month have learned of my new volunteer effort at The Buddy Foundation, a dog and cat adoption shelter, in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

I work a regular shift on Tuesdays, feeding and walking the shelter dogs.

I love 'em all, but developed a special bond with Cassie, a Beagle (mixed, I think, with a drop of Bloodhound). Cassie was sheltered in the very last pen, and usually curled herself on the round bed provided. She was gentle as I placed food and water in her cage, and allowed me to pet her long ears while she placed her paws on my forearms.

Docile as she was, she was a bullet on a leash, dashing and dragging me left and right, quickly through the snow, sniffing all she could take in; her pent up energy propelled her and forced me to laughingly run along and hang on for dear life.

I was ready to take her home myself, but circumstances were not right just yet.  I was ready to believe that Maggie, my sweet departed basset hound, looked at me through Cassie's eyes, and approved of my choice of Cassie as my favorite dog in the shelter.

Cassie was just adopted.  I am happy she has found a home...Happy someone will love her....  Happy she will have a yard to roam, a world of scents to explore, a real bed, a real home.  And, sentimental as I am, I can't seem to keep my eyes dry.  I will miss that little girl with my whole heart.   


  1. It's funny, but I had a feeling from reading the title of your post that Cassie had been adopted. As a loyal follower of your blog, I have enjoyed reading about your adventures at the shelter and especially hearing about the dogs. Having owned several beagles, I couldn't help but feel an affinity for dear sweet Cassie. And now she has found a new family to love and care for her. Well done Tom for taking such wonderful care of her physically and spiritually. No doubt she will miss you as well. I feel your pain, of course, but know that there will be more loving souls like Cassie's who need your comfort and affection and when you are ready to give your heart and soul to a dog again, that situation will naturally present itself. Great post!

  2. Bless Cassie's little heart! Here's hoping she has love and a happy life ahead in her new home.

  3. I so appreciate your comments, Tom and Stan. Very encouraging to see you here as visitors. Not a lot to be encouraged about these days, but the animals never let me down. And neither do you. Thanks.

  4. Great story and ending.. I know its NEVER easy seeing one go.. but looking at the big picture You must be happy for her.. even though she stole a piece of your heart..