Tuesday, February 16, 2010

An Award-Winner!! A Dog-Gone Tuesday Journal

Move over, Oscar contenders!  Out of the way, all you Olympic hopefuls.  Your moments will soon come.

Tonight, an honor was bestowed on one who merely showed up, and did nothing but be herself.  There was no Acceptance Speech.  No production numbers.  I can imagine, with amusement, the Red Carpet needing to be sent to the cleaners right afterward...And the Nominees Lunch becoming an anarchy of snuffling, licking, howling and chewing....

I'm talking, of course, about the Dogs of Westminster. 

A victory we all feel good about because it's so pure, and for the winner there is no value other than the sheer joy of appearing..  Among the losers, there is no animosity.  But then, how could any of them have lost?  They are noble, one and all.

Congratulations to the winner of Best in Show at the Westminster Dog Show in New York:   Sadie, the Scottish Terrier...

And since it's an honor just to be nominated, a tribute list of the other Breed Winners:

GROUP WINNERS (listed by their AKC names)

Hound – a Whippet named Starline's Chanel

Toy – a Toy Poodle named Smash JP Moon Walk

Herding – a Puli named Cordmaker Field Of Dreams

Sporting – a Brittany Spaniel named Willowick Talltean

Non-Sporting – a French Bulldog named Robobull Fabelhaft Im On Fire

Terrier – a Scottish Terrier named Roundtown Mercedes Of Maryscot (Sadie)

Working - a Doberman Pinscher named Allure Blazing Star Alisaton


  1. I love all the dogs in the show of course but I have a special affection for the hound group. Congratulations Sadie!

  2. My wife and I love watching the dog shows (and most everything else on Animal Planet) because it's always so fun to see such beautiful animals strut their stuff so perfectly. Kudos, Sadie!

    A guilty pleasure for us both is waiting to see the Beagle and the Pomeranian!

    I love my dogs, but I doubt I could ever invest the time, the hard work and dedication it would take to get a dog to that level of competition. It's better for us that we have plain old mutts!

    Thanks for sharing such a cool post on one of our favorite subjects!