Thursday, January 21, 2010

Obama, Republicans, and Passing Health Care...Bob Cesca Said It Well -- Thursday Journal

Last night I posted a short piece on how the Democrats and Mr. Obama have handed victory to the Republicans, who are committed to blocking health care reform, and my thoughts on what went wrong (naive as I may have sounded).  I found a Huffington Post article by Bob Cesca that expressed my views as well as I would have hoped I could. 

I rarely, if ever, use this blog-journal as a way of simply copying the opinions of others: I like to research what others say, but sort of feel I've cheated simply by reproducing their words.  Today, though, I am appreciative of Cesca's thoughtful words,  in a post that so closely expresses my humble views, in letter and spirit.

Thanks Bob!  Here's a small excerpt:

"While I'm fully aware that the Senate requires 60 votes for cloture, especially when the Republicans have opted to filibuster everything, there are other solutions. The Democrats still hold an 18 seat margin in the Senate. They hold a gigantic 78 seat margin in the House. They lost just one seat yesterday to an empty shirt who, for some reason, thought it would be awesome to auction off his daughters on live national television last night. Weird and creepy...... This bill is about providing affordable, life-saving health insurance to 30 million Americans and ending a cycle of abuse at the hands of a corporate cartel.

"Instead, the Democrats plan is to wait until Scott Brown is seated and their 60 vote supermajority is gone, leaving them with one less option. They're waiting up. They're literally sliding an extra ace across the poker table to the sweaty, drunken degenerate on the other side. Here, we thought you might need some help, Biff. I'm sure you'll return the favor.
This, of course, is just plain dumb. If and when the tables are turned, don't count on the Republicans to return the favor....

"...Nothing will ever motivate the Republicans to join with the Democrats in a spirit of bipartisanship. And, beyond Congress and in terms of swing, independent and Obama-Republican voters, they're either going to like or hate the health care reform bill. How it's passed isn't really going to matter at this point, especially after enduring the long, painful legislative push through the sausage casing.
But okay. The president and certain Democratic members of Congress want to wait until Pimpin' Scott Brown is seated. So be it."


  1. That does sum it up nicely doesn't it?

  2. Will we ever see a health plan that is favorable to the average American rather than the insurance and drug companies?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope you visit often.

  3. Dave, it sure does. Wish I had said that!
    Eva...Welcome! I will be back...hope you will too.

  4. I can't believe we've come this far and struggled so long to get health care reform passed only to knuckle under to the Republicans at the last minute. Ted Kennedy must be rolling over in his grave. Definitely a sad state of affairs for our nation and for anyone who desires a fair and affordable health care system. Nice work, Tom!

  5. Well Tom, it looks like I won't be writing about this legislation any time soon. Now what?