Thursday, January 28, 2010

Intermission 2: Prop. 8 Testimony Ends

The victory of Proposition 8 in California in November 2008 was the result of one of the most frightening campaigns of misinformation and fear-mongering ever perpetrated on a voting populace......
Check out the simplistic e-mail campaign propaganda to the right........... (no pun intended there really, but if the condom fits...)

You may not know it if you only follow mainstream television news media, but the testimony in Perry vs. Schwarzenegger has ended.  The historic trial to overturn California's constitutional definition of marriage as the union only between a man and a woman is now in the hands of Judge Vaughn, who may take until March to review evidence before hearing closing arguments.  Whatever his decision, the case is likely to be appealed to the Supreme Court.

The trial has lasted twelve days.  It's shocking how little coverage this has received on the Networks.

The Washington Times offered a good brief summary of the arguments on both sides. One particular quote by an attorney defending Prop. 8 in favor of the same-sex marriage ban is worth examining further:
Andy Pugno, a lawyer representing Proposition 8 backers, credited the plaintiffs with "putting on a spectacular show" but insisted much of their testimony was irrelevant to proving California voters acted irrationally in approving Proposition 8.
"To invalidate people's vote, the plaintiffs have a really tough job," Mr. Pugno told reporters. "They have to prove the people voted irrationally when they voted to preserve the traditional definition of marriage … The question is whether the people have a right to decide what is best."

Do the people always know what is best? How "rational" were voters? Consider the first photo, of a group of Mormons (who spent a lot of money campaigning against Prop. 8) in protest against race mixing in 1959.  Compare it to the next photo of recent protestors for the same-sex marriage ban.  Once again I ask myself:  Should we have left race relations up to the voters then?  Should we trust voters to make the historically right decision now?
As I have asserted before....this is not an issue for popular vote:

From the Daily Show with Jon Stewart:  A devastating lampoon of the racial disconnect in the way votes were cast on Prop. 8 Ballots in 2008: 
"Some Proposition 8 supporters say they aren't against gay people, just gay marriage; and if you like your injustice tinged with a little irony, 69% of African-Americans supported Proposition 8 in California."
Which means if the folks in the Race Mixing photo at top had prevailed, African Americans might not have had a chance to vote against gay civil rights in this ballot.....
Check out the clip from November 2008, The Daily Show HERE


  1. Wow! Another powerful essay on this subject, Tom! As the testimony has concluded and the matter is finally and conclusively being decided I have to pray that common sense and justice for all people prevails and that those whose case is based upon antiquated prejudices and orthodox religious doctrine are once again refuted. Great job Tom!

  2. Tom I hope you are right about common sense and justice. I wonder what we can expect when the case is brought before the Supreme Court. It worries me!
    I appreciate your comments very much!