Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Quick Break From Italy: Movies, Magazines and (Joni) Mitchell Coming Soon

I tossed the coin into the Trevi Fountain properly. That means we will return to Roma again soon.

Time today for a simple "Rest Break", a detour from our Italian road, a journey which I will soon bring to a close.  One last photographic chronicle of the art around us in Italia; and a final anecdote about our Tuscan Cooking Class.

Coming up in the days and weeks ahead:

--The Summer Movie Season...What happened?  Have Superheroes peaked with audiences?  As heard on NPR today, there were few smart films for adults this summer.  Will studios note the success of artful pictures about Swans and Fighters and Kings and such, and give us intelligent fare soon?

--Newsweek created a firestorm with its cover of a Republican Presidential Candidate. How much fun can we have with this one?  And thoughts on the Debt Crisis and the reason there is a proliferation of political lunatics.

--We wondered what one of my favorite musicians, Joni Mitchell, is doing lately.  I thought I'd check out what she has been working on these days; I fear, from what I have read recently, that she is not doing well.

--From time to time, a return to our Italian Road.  Anecdotes about a chaotic train delay; and ode to the noble bidet; and a wonderful encounter I had with a family from Oslo.

You are all hereby invited....I appreciate your visits.


  1. I'm very interested to hear your thoughts about the summer season, although I suspect the relative successes of R rated comedies will mean a different shift for the summer schedules.

    Don't expect the studios to brave opening the award magnet work any earlier than autumn.

  2. Hi Ben, I'm still collecting my thoughts about what I perceived to be a rather sterile summer at the movies. I have read some articles by thoughtful journalists who have helped me clarify my thinking. I should have ths one up by next weekend.