Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Catching Up With Great Blogs

I want to get back out to the blogosphere,  to visit and thank all of you writers I visit regularly, comment on your great work, and offer thanks for your feedback.

It is time to take a breather. Looking back on the last few posts, I seem to have given voice to a lot of contentious topics and reviews of films that have divided opinion ("The Social Network"), or treated alarming subjects ("Inside Job", "Waiting for Superman"). 

The world is an insecure, irrational place....  Sometimes I feel powerless, and wonder if my words will touch anyone, comfort anyone, or ultimately do some good.

Any of you who love to write and do so regularly know the anxiety of not posting.  So I will set aside the anxious world, and clear my head at the keyboard, and not try to be so important, at least tonight.  Here's what's coming up...

I'll retreat again soon to the animal world.. I am finding more meaning and solace in the rescue and care of animals, of all kinds, be they pets, farm animals, or any creature in trouble.  We are making plans to bring  a new dog to our home by next Spring.  In fact, we will most likely give our home to two dogs!

More movie reviews are on the way.  At least, I'm finding my way back to the movies...Good movies seem to be finally in release, after the usual summer blockbusters and pictures that didn't seem to welcome the likes of me...  I'm looking forward to visiting ther new Woody Allen( "You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger"); Clint Eastwood's meditation on death ("Hereafter"); Hillary Swank's rabble-rouser "Conviction" (and hope this isn't "The Blind Side in sheep's clothing); and before long, Sofia Coppola's "Somewhere", and Colin Firth and Helena Bonham Carter in "The King's Speech". 

Much as I love James Franco, I am on the fence about "127 Hours".  I was not a big fan of Danny Boyle's "exuberant" treatment of squalor and child abuse in "Slumdog Millionaire." 

And with Halloween on the way, I am planning a special piece this weekend about Movies That Sacred Me That Are Not Conventional Horror Movies...hope it's fun.

In the meantime, I will catch up with the great blogs I follow, and conscientiously offer my commentary, feedback and support.  So to Cathy (Cinema Style), Bill Up Close; Ben (Runs Like A Gay); Andrew (Encore's World of Film and TV); Walter (The Silver Screening Room); Tom (Sophisticated Lunacy); Dave (Ultra Dave);  Eric (Daventry Blue);  (RealityZone); Steve (Mindfully Gay); and Adam (The Oscar Completist), as well as others I am just finding, and others I follow regularly (Torqopia, Blue Truck Red State)...Get the coffee on, I'm coming over!


  1. I have not visited you for a while on your bog.
    Sorry about that.
    Thanks for the Hat Tip.

  2. Tom, cream and sugar? I have been miserably remiss with regards to my blog reading recently and need to conduct some major atonement! Hopefully when things quiet down I can not only read more blogs but write more posts! Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts, my friend!

  3. No point in visiting, I'm not home. Aaaaargh, I'm ridiculously busy and have had little time to write anything signifcant (fail). Hopefully November presents an improvement.

  4. Thanks for the mention - he goes all blushy and head down.

    What sort of dog(s) are you planning on getting or will that depend on who's in the sanctuary?