Thursday, July 1, 2010

Coming Soon: Forgotten Oscar Nominees, and Other Bits...A Wednesday Journal

June, and the first half of 2010, are fading out...fade-in, July!!

So much great stuff out there on my fellow web-loggers' sites. 
Here's a look at what's ahead here as I seek to move forward with, and slightly reinvent, this writing experiment and exercise known as Reinvention...

1.  While I create a syllabus that I will someday use to teach a course in Film History and Appreciation, I will offer here a weekly Movie of the Week: a review, and a look at a film's place in pop culture, using original print ads, reviews, production back stories, and awards trivia.  I welcome lots of comments, information, etc.  Films can be from any genre, any era...mostly, though, they will have some critical consensus as to their significance, or excellence...

1a) I thought it might be fun to highlight some movies that have been all but forgotten today...especially those that had received major Oscar nominations.  As I once mentioned, I seek to be a "curator of an art that has lost its proper place of exhibition" this case, serious, adult-oriented films. (What Swedish film competed with "The Godfather" for Best Picture in 1972?)

2.  A regular check-in with my favorite blogs, and what you're all doing on your sites.  I hope to facilitate dialog among some favorites...

3. More serious essays on animal welfare, as well as progress I have made as an eager volunteer in the field.  This is a topic that is so important to much so that for a while, I felt blocked from writing about anything that might seem trivial....

4.  Looking back at artifacts, events, pictures, etc. from this activity known as life, in order to bring its meaning into more focus, gain perspective, and have a few laughs.  (For instance....does anyone remember what a Betamax was?  I found one in my storage locker recently...)

5. Perhaps, some fledgling fiction.

Next week Mark and I celebrate a shared birthday...that's right, we were born the same day on the same year.  So after we recover from our celebrations, I will plunge, in earnest, into all of this, and more....because some events of the day just beg for comment too.

See you in July!


  1. 1a. Is it The Emigrants?
    4. My grandmother kept her Beta tapes. She said, "They'll come back. Records came back." I cannot convince her otherwise.
    5. YES!

    A shared birthday? There's something beautiful in that, like a shared soul, separated, waiting for its two owners to meet so that it may become whole. Obviously, it did!

  2. Have a Happy Birthday! Tom!

  3. Thank you for the kind greetings. Always good to have you visit.

    Walter, in an upcoming post I will offer a photo of my old Betamax. (I also have old vinyl records, with some rare movie sountracks...more later).

    Stan, great to see you back here! Thank you...