Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Odds and Ends..Catching Up On Numerous Topics

The Italian class is going extremely well so far; My Tuesdays at the shelter are filled with activity and emotion; new dogs have entered my life as others say goodbye; my writing has entered a new phase, including a great short-story contest for NPR; and I may have a buyer for my condo.

This last is particularly bittersweet.  After waiting eleven years to fulfill an antiquated set of terms in Mark's divorce agreement, I was legally able to reside in Mark's house.  Then the housing bubble burst.  So another three years have gone by.  But, if all goes well, I can "officially" move in to his house by the first of June.

This will form the subject of a series of short stories I am revisiting about two gay men living in a generic suburban area away from the cultural stimulation and diversity of the big city---we're about 25 miles outside of Chicago.

With all of that, I have accumulated quite a pipeline of stories I have been meaning to add to my posts.  So, sit back, relax, and for the next day or two enjoy some short takes on a few topics of interest to me, and I hope my readers as well.


  1. I'm sitting back, I'm relaxing, and I'm ready! What have you learnt so far in Italian? How did you meet your guy - I'm curious, for if you waited those eleven years, it's love, baby! So how did this love come to be?

  2. I'll be curious to know after you move for good will your relationship change? I wonder how you will like living in the burbs.

  3. Walter: Hope you are enjoying my various posts so far. I am incorporating some Italian phrases in my posts...some night soon I'll write a whole paragraph for my readers to translate! Our story is typically conservative suburban. Mark and I met at a nightspot, talked for hours..We are best freinds too. The wait involved a non "cohabitation" clause until the boys were adults.

    Stan: I can't wait to share some of these stories with you!