Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Your Humble Italian Oscar-fan and Arizona Traveler is back...A Look at What's Coming Up!

Buona Sera!

Arizona, like they say, was like a dog's nose last week:  cold and wet a lot of the time.  Although the weather was somewhat unusual (some areas have already had their annual rainfall for the year!) the trip allowed me to rest and recharge my battery for writing, power-reading, and getting on with life. 

Here's what's up in the next couple weeks' worth of posts:
--Pages from my Arizona Journal, especially my musings on old family connections that my trips to Phoenix always  inspire.
--These will no doubt lead to flashbacks to life in a family of Italians...
--On that line, I just started my Italian class, and hope to spice up these humble posts with old-world phrases and charm
--Oscar night!  Somewhat late, I know, but there were a few very happy moments, and a couple of genuine surprises.
--Some short takes...a second viewing of "Hurt Locker", my first viewing (long delayed) of "Ingluorious Basterds".

I also need to weigh in on some ticklish situations in Congress...and the health care vote and how my idealism has been eaten away.... and thoughts on new books, anecdotes from Chicago, and words of greeting and appreciation to my friends here in the blogosphere (and other followers).

Many of you have posted some great stuff..I have a lot of great reading to catch up on.

(There often is no better way to end a sentence than with a preposition!

Mark and I hated to return last Saturday. We had some rain delays in the midwest that got us home rather late....and getting back to work and adjusting once more to the routine, along with losing an hour (or two) for daylight savings time, has left me rather ragged each night this week.

I hope to share some of my writing with all of you from my hand-written journal (still the best way for me to compose...I guess it's hard-wired to my creative brain).

Not only have I continued to fall in love with the new homeless dogs at the shelter, but I have established some significant human friendships there as well!

Anyway, I look forward to my return to Arizona some day soon....In the meantime, I hope to honor your visits with some good writing, interesting thoughts and anecdotes, and a picture or two to elicit smiles.


  1. Yay you're back! I look forward to hearing all about the fam, and especially your views on the sitch in D.C.

    By the way, your last post had me quoting Moonstruck all over again...just as I recovered, too!

  2. Welcome back Tom! Good to have you back. It appears Arizona agreed with you and you are refreshed and energized. That's great! It sounds like you have a lot of things on your plate to write about. I'm looking forward to reading your next posts.