Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Synchronicity--How The Huffington Post and Kiddieland Got Me Blogging

A charming bit of synchronicity occurred yesterday that encouraged me in my efforts to continue this journal which I began almost three months ago.

My very first post was on Labor Day, and it was about the closing of a Chicago suburban amusement park I had visited as a child:  Kiddieland.

Yesterday, on the Huffington Post feed which I keep on my blog page, there was a story about Kiddieland's wooden roller coaster, The Little Dipper, which was purchased by Six Flags.

The happy coincidence, the synchronicity between Huffington Post, my blog, and Kiddieland, is described here, in my comment to the HuffPost story:

This story resonates with me very personally! And Huffington Post plays a large role....Ho­w Kiddieland, a childhood activity, got me blogging.

Back in July, I made my very first trip to Boston and Cambridge. At the Book Co-Op in Cambridge, I bought one book: The Huffington Post Guide to Blogging.
After reading the Guide front to back, I decided to create a blog of my own. It's a personal journal whose underlying theme is the idea of reinventing one's self...tol­d in personal anecdotes, and a broad range of topics of interest to me and hopefully my visitors.
On Labor Day, I posted my very first entry... all about the closing of Kiddieland after 80-some years. I had just seen the story on the National News, and was subjected to a flood of nostalgia, and a sense that it would be the perfect time to begin the work of moving ahead with my own re-invention. I reasoned, "What better way to begin the work of self-change than by re-visiting a part of childhood that will be gone forever?"

If permitted, here's the link to that post:

And now this article came to me over the Huffington Full Feed---on my blog page....
I'm glad they found a home for The Little Dipper! And I am certainly going to post about this article in today's blog entry

Which, as you see, I did!


  1. How funny is this circle? I can certainly see the parallels of change and re-invention working here. And I think you are correct to interpret it as a sign to continue your blog and your efforts towards a metamorphosis of sorts. What could be a more apropos symbol of change than a roller coaster? Great job as always!

  2. Thanks Tom, I'm happy you appreciate the little roller coaster as a metaphor!